October 17, 2009


Litter isn't just rude.

Litter isn't just ugly.

Litter kills.


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Long time fan, first time contactor. My wife and I bought the video when we got an iguana long before we had kids, back in 1995. It was our bible. Now my kids are 9, 8, and 5, and we teach them regularly about nature and conservation. Now, I have a question and don't know how to email you directly so I'm asking you here for some isight/advice.

A friend raised tadpoles into frogs, I've identified them as pickerel frogs (we're in NJ). There are two, and they seem healthy. Doing some research I see that they overwinter in the mud at the bottom of a pond. My question is, how can I accommodate them in a tank over winter? I can't bring the temp down far enough for them to hibernate. I think it's getting too late to put them back in the creek they came from. What should I do with them over the winter?

Thanks Melissa!


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