May 02, 2009

Get(ting) Serious! about ig poo stains

Mikey has been taking to pooping where he ought not, and seems to want to find the same places to poop on after I've cleaned them up. The carpet was starting to get stained and me very annoyed. I asked my friend Phyllis what she recommends for cats and dogs - she gets to test lots of pet products out as a product reviewer, so I knew she'd tested a lot with her own canine and feline critters.

She recommended Get Serious, which is available at the big box pet stores as well as from some online stores. It is a fragrance-free enzyme mixture that lifts the biological remnants from the carpet and other surfaces.

Squirt the GS on in a zig-zag pattern - don't soak the area. Rub the brush side-to-side, side-to-side, then up-and-down, up-and-down, repeating the sideways and up-and-down for 15 seconds, then blot with the towel til nothing more comes up. That's it.

I have been using it, and it really does work well. It works best on new deposits, but also on older stuff. And it's easy to use. You just need the squirt bottle of Get Serious (they make versions for dog and cat, but they really are the same and can be used interchangeably), a scrub brush, and a terry cloth towel or, if its a small area, one or two Viva Paper Towels (my preference, for their thickness and capacity to soak up stuff without ripping and shredding).

It also removes dried blood, as I found when I cleaned up the blood that dried on the carpet several weeks after my last iguana bite.

Got stains? Get Serious!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melissa...I am a reptile rescuer and read your site often...I have a younger brother with Lyme Disease, suffering daily. I understand you are unbelieveably busy, however, could you let me know of some doctors you have used in your treatment. I have read much of your writings, however, have skimmed over the disease section. We have been fighting this for over 3 years now and are dire need of suggestions. If you get a chance could you email me your doctors or suggestions. We will go anywhere at this point....
Kristen Green
205 979 5548

4:19 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Kristen, I tried sending you an email, but it bounced back as "no such domain". Could you please send me a corrected email address?

5:01 PM  

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