January 05, 2010

Do Re Me Pho Soooo Good!

In my seventh month of being totally GFCF (gluten- and dairy-free), I am doing okay, adjusted to the 'new' way at home, though eating out safely (the very few times I do eat out) continues to be difficult.

In my search for something to replace the cheese in my cheese omelets, I have taken to adding dashes of chipotle buffalo sauce, plain ol' hot sauce (think Tabasco), and, most recently, sriracha, which I got to top off my search for something to replace mac and cheese. The winner may well be pho (pronounced fa), a Vietnamese beef and rice noodle soup.

I came across a relatively easy recipe (
Lazy Man's Pho), which I made today. Oh, my. Quite lovely. I am going to add more veggies next time - more onion, cabbage, some carrot--and I think another star anise.

Other than that, life continues much as it did..health still not any better, and so I plug along, day by day. This year marks the 20th year I will have been continuously sick, and 40 years since I first got infected from a tick bite.

This past holiday season seemed to be pretty subdued overall, at least amongst the people I know, those healthy and those not. However yours was, may this year bring only good things to us all...

January 22: I just threw together another pho, this time with thinly sliced raw beef (from a ribeye steak) that I had defrosted but not broiled yet. With the weather being so frickin' cold, I decided I wanted a spicy warming soup more than a chunk o'meat. So, you needn't wait around for leftovers to make this. You can also use raw shrimp and firm-fleshed fish to make this, if you aren't particularly into beef.



Blogger IggySingh said...

hey Melissa! Happy Happy New Year. hope you have been well. i read your Lizards In Scarves blog, and was so sad to hear to hear... my condolences on Sidney.
i hope the year ahead for you and Mike and your loved ones, better health and all your dreams come true.
thank YOU for always being my Guru,
Surita Karamsingh alias Iggy Singh.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Thank you, Surita.

Even if my year doesn't go any better, at least I'm having fun playing with my food. Well, with the ingredients, at least. I made a marinade/glaze for a piece of cod last night that I think I will try on chicken and salmon, too. A few dashes of the powdered ginger & cayenne blend I used to make salabat, calamansi juice, orange marmalade, honey, and sriracha.

All good things for you and yours in this new year...

1:09 PM  

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