July 30, 2006

In other words...

...or, more accurately, in the words of others, check out:

HonestReporting.com's Israel Under Fire and their other reports

Palestinian Media Watch
for a look at what they are saying and promoting that for some reason rarely ever makes it into the Western news services

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
reports and comments on the anti-West and anti-Israel/Jewish Arab press around the world

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July 20, 2006

"Legitimate government", my ass

Enough already with the phrase “legitimate government” applied to Lebanon’s farce.

Any government whose ranks include avowed terrorists whose stated goal is to annihilate the people in the country next door is anything but legitimate.

Any government whose army is not permitted entry into the terrorist group’s enclave in the southern part of the capital city is anything but a legitimate government.

Kofi Annan is calling for a cease fire, for the halt to the killing of innocents. Where the hell was his concern for innocents through all the years the Arab terrorists have been blowing up Israeli citizens?

The president of Lebanon is already whining about the destruction to buildings, roads, the airport and infrastructure, and wants to know who is going to pay for the clean up and reconstruction. Well, Mr. President, it ain’t going to be Israel, whom you so clearly imply is responsible. Your government and army permitted itself to be taken over by terrorists, funded and aided by Syria and Iran. Look to them for restitution, not Israel, not the West. You lay down with terrorists, you pay the price in concrete and blood.

Enough, newscasters, with questions about why the interior ministry’s building would be bombed, and why Israel would bomb mosques and schools. Arab terrorists in all countries have used schools, mosques and hospitals to hide themselves and their weapons. If truly innocent civilians are killed when these targets are bombed, it is not the fault of the bombers, but of the civilians and governments who permitted these sites to be used as arms stores, command centers, and bunkers.

One news report today mentioned how fleeing Lebanese are flying white cloths from their cars so that everyone will know they aren’t Hezbollah. Like, the terrorists are too moral to not fly the white flags on their own cars??? Puhleeze.

I am getting sick of the news programs playing all these interviews with Lebanese-Americans who survived the bombing and managed to flee Lebanon. If they’re stupid enough to vacation and visit family who live in terrorists strongholds, whose family members may be allied with the terrorists, they do not deserve to be assisted out at US taxpayer expense. And where are the interviews with the Israelis who are once again living in bomb shelters?

And, speaking of bomb shelters, enough with the one-sided stories coming out of Nazareth. Every village and town and city in Israel has public bomb shelters. Every school, public building, hospital, and apartment building has bomb shelters or hardened rooms. Every house built in the last 25 years is required to have a basement bomb shelter. If the Nazarene Arab Moslems refused to use them or used them for other purposes, or bypassed building codes and didn’t construct them, why is that Israel’s fault? Oh, that’s right! Everything is Israel’s--the Jews’--fault! Silly me, I forgot!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a cease fire. Once all the Hezbollah and their sympathizers are dead, their weapons destroyed, the governments of Syria and Iran replaced with people who aren’t psychopaths and their sycophants, and a buffer zone of 1000 miles from Israel, whose land area shall include the West Bank, Gaza, and Sinai is established, well, then we can reasonably talk cease fire. Otherwise, since there is no way to negotiate anything with terrorists, there can be no cease fire.

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July 17, 2006

Declaration of War

Written over the course of the last week…

What the Christians of the West do not understand is that Islam has been at war with the Jews—and, thus, Israel—ever since we (that would be the Jews and Christians) refused Mohammed’s demand that we convert to his new religion. When we and the Christians refused to do so voluntarily, Moslems used their swords to force conversion. Needless to say, they got quite pissed off when that failed to wipe the Infidels from the face of the earth, and have remained so ever since.

So long as the West stayed more or less in the West and out of the Middle East, the various tribes, emirates, caliphates and sultanates that embraced their various Islamic variants went about doing their thing, becoming increasingly insular, occasionally fighting each other to prove the supremacy of their particular flavor of Islam over the other, and maintaining a steady, and increasingly annoying, policy of kidnapping to kill, enslave or hold for ransom those Infidels whose ships came within reach of the Arab pirates. Jews and Christians who stayed living in the Arab lands in which they and the generations before them had been born and lived, were periodically and systematically persecuted for sport, and occasionally killed.

Just as tightly-ruled communist countries hate and fear the capitalist West, so too do Moslems hate and fear what they see as the Devilish temptations exemplified, in their minds, by the West: freedom of speech, tolerance of different religious beliefs and cultures, and, perhaps worst of all, women who wear pants, work and interact with men who are not close male relatives, and gasp! drive cars all by themselves. Clearly, the West is the Great Satan’s playground and everything that emanates from it is to be fought against.

But instead of blocking Western TV and radio stations in their satellite receivers, ceasing all travel to western countries, and forbidding their children and other citizens from going abroad to study at Great Satan’s universities, they logically (for Moslems, illogically to most everyone else) deduce that they will go out and kill as many of us as they can in order to remake the world in their image.

If Moslems don’t want to participate in the world, fine. They should just stay the hell home, lock their doors and borders just as they’ve locked their minds, and contemplate the heaven that awaits them.

Speaking of heaven, if the Islamic male’s heaven includes a paradise with 72 virgins, what is the heaven promised to Islamic females? A place where they no longer have to wear all-encompassing robes, where they can go wherever they want whenever they want, drive themselves wherever they want, in a splendid place without a single Moslem male anywhere to be found?

Speaking of declarations of war, let’s talk about 1948, and the U.N.’s partition of various bits of the Ottoman Empire into various entities, including Israel (which was probably the last time the UN ever did anything remotely positive for Jews and for Israel), Trans-Jordan, and Lebanon. Jordan got what is called the West Bank, while Egypt got the Sinai Peninsula and a large rectangle of land (the Gaza strip) jutting up against the tiny bit of land granted to Israel.

Because the Arabs in all of the Middle East refused to accept Jews in their midst, let alone a lot a European Jews (shhhhhhh! Listen carefully. Hear the siren song of the West faintly in the distance, flowing sweetly in counterpoint to the muezzin’s call?), they called on all the Arabs living in Israel to go on vacation for a week or so, to give the Arab armies the opportunity to go in and eliminate the Jews.

And so the Arabs did as requested, and took off for a brief stay in neighboring countries, with most ending up in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon.

But the Arab armies lost. The great legions of fearless Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Persians and Iraqis, fueled and funded by Moslem religious and political leaders throughout the region (and U.S. and European oil money and arms) lost to the ragtag collection of Jews whose roots dug deep into the region. Jews whose families have lived on these lands since long before Mohammed dreamed up Islam. Jews who trickled back into the Fertile Crescent after being forcibly exiled at various times through the last 2,000 years. Then there were the Jews who survived the Nazis and the Tzar, starved and terrorized yet again as they made it past the British blockades, and those who came from Europe, Asia, and North and South America--even Africa--as soon as the Brits pulled out, which happened after the Brits allowed the Arabs to arm themselves, of course, but not the Jews who had to defend themselves against well-armed Arab terrorists and the combined Arab armies the West knew would soon flow across the U.N.-mandated borders.

And, so, there we are, in the aftermath of the 1948 War of Independence, and the Arabs who left on vacation suddenly declare themselves refugees, because they refuse to go back home and live amongst the Jews.

Unfortunately for them, the Arab governments of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt didn’t want them either. At least, didn’t want them merging in with their cousins in the lands they now found themselves, not when the leaders of these and the neighboring Moslem countries could use these voluntarily homeless people as weapons pointed at the heart of Israel.

And that is exactly what they did. “Palestinian refugees” do not exist. They started out as Arabs who voluntarily left their homes so that their cousins could kill Jews so they could return and get the land cultivated by the Jews, the homes built by the Jews, and the businesses and everything else designed, developed and built by the Jews.

These Arabs became refugees because their cousins refused to take them in. They have lived in the conditions they live in for the past 58 years because they keep waiting for the Jews to be killed or, in fear, flee for their lives.

But, in the mean time, the Arab “refugees” expect Israel and the West to provide them with the food, medical care, schooling, infrastructure, and jobs. Their Arab cousins who forced them into these enclaves did nothing for them and are doing nothing for them. Well, except for providing them with training in terrorist camps and funds and weapons to use to keep killing Jews, and planting their terrorist enclaves and rocket launchers in their neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and beaches.

For years, the Gaza Arabs demanded the Israelis leave Gaza – even though Israel obtained both Gaza and the West Bank after the Arabs lost the two wars the Arabs started in their attempt to get rid of Israelis. So, what happens when Israel pulls its citizens out of Gaza? Gaza Arabs and all the Arab countries get pissed off because there’s no more Israeli money funding their economy, no more jobs with Israeli businesses, no more food, no more money for their hospitals and clinics.

Yet again, the Arabs blame the Jews. Of course, they are also blaming West who has refused to cough up the money and food the Arabs are demanding, because the Arabs continue to harbor, fund and train terrorists, and call for the destruction of Israel and refuse to recognize its right—the Jews right—to exist. And so the Jews and the West are once again commingled and blamed for the problems that Arabs bring upon themselves.

You gotta admire a brain that can strap on a suicide vest or launch a rocket with one hand while keeping its other hand out demanding money, food and “justice” from the very people they are trying so hard to kill.

One of my favorite comments this past week was from one of the Hamas terrorists who was whining about Israel’s disproportionate response – that Israel was destroying more property and putting at risk more Arabs than Arab terrorists were destroying and killing Israelis.

Of course, the Arabs have always been really bad at math. Just look at all their whining when, after one of their homicide bombers kills 50+ Israelis and tourists at a restaurant, the Israeli army evicts the bomber’s family from their home, and destroys the home. Period. That, of course, sets off another Arab round of whining about how Israelis are killing the poor defenseless innocent refugees and so the poor defenseless innocent refugees have no recourse but to go out and try to kill dozens more Israelis.

Well, let’s look at proportionality, shall we?

18 Total number of Arab countries* supporting
and funding terrorist attacks against Israel

341,439,805 Total Population in these countries

6,352,805 Total Population of Israel (includes Jews, Moslems,
Christians,and others)

53.7 Number of Arabs that would have to be killed for each
Israeli killed to equal a proportionate response

*Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen; plus the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Population figures from the CIA World Fact Book, updated summer 2006.

According to CNN just now (Monday, July 17, 1500 hrs), there have been 170 reported dead in Lebanon, and 24 in Israel. For those wanting a proportional response, there needs to be another 11,188 Lebanese killed to equal the number of Israelis killed by this week’s Hezbollah attacks from Lebanon. This week. If you’d like me to add up what the proportional response figures should be for the past decade, please let me know.

In other words, until the numbers of Arabs killed by Israeli defense forces come proportionally even close to equaling the number of Israelis killed by Arab terrorists, the U.N. and its terrorist members should shut the fuck up.

Last night on the news, a video montage was shown of Lebanese fleeing to Syria from Lebanon. One woman turned to the camera and screamed, ‘Bush! This is what Bush is doing to us!”

So, kiddies, just in case you are thinking that this annoying Arab-Israeli thing is just a border dispute between two contentious neighbors, you simply are not getting it. Read the history books, not Islamic propaganda. Listen. Read some more. If you think that once all the Jews are gone the Moslems will settle happily down and ignore the rest of you, think again.

In the meantime, the world is watching while Israel takes on a job others have shrunk from: wiping out the terrorists from our midst.

The world did nothing when Iran built its nuclear reactor, but quietly thanked Israel for bombing it to pieces just before it went live (on a weekend when no one was supposed to be there, including the French nuclear scientists working on the facility. Perhaps I should add France to the above list of countries supporting Arab terrorists...).

Now, Israel is doing what Lebanon’s farce of an elected government should have done before it became so infiltrated by Hezbollah members that it crippled itself: get rid of Hezbollah.

As always, Arab terrorists embed themselves in neighborhoods populated with civilians. This means they get to hide and mostly survive unless and until the civilians get the hell out and let the bombing begin. After a certain point, however, the bombing has to start, regardless of who stayed behind.

At what point does a civilian become a collaborator instead of victim of collateral damage?

At what point does a country whose populace elects terrorists to government positions become recognized as a terrorist state instead of the victim of "minority" segments of its population?

Who makes these decisions? The terrorists? The people the terrorists have converted from collateral to collaborator? Countries like France, well known for their collaboration with the Nazis in WWII, and now bowing in fear of their own Moslem population? Qatar, who led the Arab countries pushing the UN to condemn Israel for its defense against attacks from Gaza?

Please don’t get me wrong. I would be much happier if there were indeed peace in the region, and nobody getting killed. But that is simply not going to happen so long as Arab terrorists are permitted to flourish, as long as mosques and midrassahs the world over are permitted to teach hate and preach a future in which the world is dominated by Islam.

This is not a new war. This is the continuation of the war started in 623 B.C.E., when Moslems first started slaughtering Jews and Christians who refused to convert.

How much longer will the world continue to allow Moslems to slaughter people for the simple reason that they are not themselves Moslems? Perhaps, once all of us Jews are gone, the rest of you will wake up.

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PS: For those who think it easy for me to speak from my comfy vantage point 7400 miles away, I spent the summer of 1973, and most of 1974, in Israel, living first in the seaside town of Netanya, then on a kibbutz on the Jordan border, during a year of heavy terrorist attacks throughout the country. My 19th birthday, in fact, was spent in part trying to learn to sustain a note on a flute while in the "disco" in the kibbutz bomb shelter, where kibbutz kids had been sleeping underground for many of the years since the shelters were built after the kibbutz was founded in 1937.

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July 06, 2006

Suggestions for Summer Reading

Note I didn't say light summer reading... ;)

Augmenting my usual fare of fictional murder and mayhem is some nonfiction murder and mayhem:

Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War On Terror
Michael Scheuer Amazon.com link

The West and The Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat
Roger Scruton Amazon.com link

Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge
Alan M. Dershowitz Amazon.com link

The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes A Terrorist and Why
Rex Hudson Download PDF free from Library of Congress

Through Their Eyes: Foreign Correspondents in the United States
Stephen Hess Amazon.com link

Critical understanding on the part of the West is lacking: most people still believe it just takes logic or reason to "make them stop hating us." You can as soon convince a chair it is in its best interest to become a giraffe, or change the daytime sky to chartreuse.

If you'd like to balance the above with some actual light reading, I recommend Jimmy Buffett's wild rides, and Jo Bannister's three series of mysteries.

In closing, a message to Cindy Sheehan: I myself am not a fan of George Bush, but if you really think life would be better living in Venezuela under Chavez, well, don't let the door hit you on the way out...and, what are you waiting for?